Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fundraising, Splitboarding and Team USA Jersey!

Well it's really starting to hit me how much support I have leading up to my first international race. Team Skidmore is growing and it's very humbling to know so many people care about me and want to support me. We had a round table discussion about fundraising for my trip and it brought tears to my eyes.

Last summer I asked local businesses in Gorham to support me and sign a contract for three levels of sponsorship. During the meeting I was asked if I had contacted any businesses in the North Conway area for their support. I hadn't because I was living closer to Gorham. I have since moved to the area so that's why the question was raised.  Paul Surette spoke and said we need to start asking North Conway businesses. My first thought was I don't really have a lot of time. Working 40 hrs a week and training between 10 and 16 hours doesn't leave much time to sleeping or eating never mind going out for sponsors. He said we'll do it, we'll go out and get support for you.  I started tearing up I was so surprised and excited to have someone want to do that for me.  A few people chimed in and said it would look much better if others were asking on behalf of me, true but still unbelievable to me.

Another avenue to explore was being interviewed on the local tv station Outside television. We want to get the word out about Team Skidmore and my quest to race in London. Now most of you know me and I'm not one to go around talking about myself and asking for support so this will be a huge step for me. I've been on Outside TV talking about what Great Glen Trails and the Mt. Washington Road have to offer so I know what to expect. It was easy talking about work activities but having a camera on me was a little uncomfortable, as it is for most of us. I just have to get over it and get used to attention and talking about myself. Another fundraising idea is to set up a display to get my story out. My boss said it was ok to have this set up at work and at some of our big bike races. Again I couldn't believe it! Thank you Great Glen. I am also exploring the Kickstarter site or how to make it possible to donate online at my Blog.  Various fundraising ideas are falling into place as well as a long term raffle with some big ticket items. The meeting was a huge success now ideas just need to be implemented.

Changing sports here, my friends enjoy backcountry skiing and all have the equipment to skin up the trail through the woods. This requires a different binding set up allowing for the heel to be free, like teleskiing and skins to grip the snow.  Skins are similar to velvet, smooth one way and rough the other, this lets the ski slide up and when weight is on the ski it doesn't slide back down. Well I don't ski, I snowboard so I asked for a splitboard for Christmas from my mom. I sent one of my snowboards to Alaskan Custom Splitboards. They cut my board, put an inside edge on it so it's sealed all the way and makes for better traction when climbing, they installed the Violé split kit and shipped it back. Now I can skin up and snowboard down! Check out this video from K2 Snowboards.

As you can see, I was super excited to get it! Now I don't have to hike and carry my board on my backpack. 

Yay it arrived! Now to get the bindings on the sliding plates
Skinning up Saddleback with Leah, Beth, Michael and Keith

Riding down after skinning up at Saddleback

Cold windy awesome day for Gulf of Slides with Leah and Keith
Skinning up Gulf of Slides with Leah and Keith
After 2 hours of skinning we arrived at the base of the slides

Looking down Gulf of Slides (Keiths dog Espresso)
Now we get to ride all the way back down to the parking lot!

Ok now back to tri, I ordered a Team USA cycling jersey its getting more official now. Really can't wait for my official triathlon suit, it will have my last name.

My friend and manager, Regina

I registered for my first swim meet, the Casco Bay Toughen Up Challenge in Freeport ME. I'm really excited but super nervous. I'm racing four events the 200 freestyle, the 50 freestyle, the 50 breaststroke and the 100 freestyle. Steve, Gina and I went to check out the pool last weekend. It's really nice and quite a bit longer then the Aquatic Center.  A few swimmers from my Masters Class are also registered and we are carpooling. It's going to be fun watching experienced swimmers and spending the day at the pool.

Now if only this snow storm doesn't cancel the meet we'll all be happy. Wish me luck!! 


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