Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back at it!

After being sick and not able to train for over two weeks during the holidays, I'm just starting to transition back to where I was before. It was hard to not workout and for some it may have driven them nuts but I really didn't get frustrated because it was something I could not control. I've been feeling pretty good over these two weeks but can tell I'm a little behind. I'm not worried, the big race is still eight months away.

I've looked up a few swim meets to compete in and I'm excited to race, especially knowing I won't have to bike and run after! I'm already really nervous and the first one is not until the end of February. I know I'll do fine but it's a whole new world for me.  I was talking to my coach today about registering, it's only $20 compared to $70-$100 for Tris. I told him to completely change my training plan and that I'm only go to swim it's much cheaper! He had a good laugh and was probably thinking it would be easier to coach one sport instead of three.

Gina and I had dinner at the AMC last night. We got to talking with the folks at our table about London and where I train. One women couldn't believe I swim in a 40ft pool I told here it's all we've got up here.  It doesn't bother me; one because I don't know any different and two I just get in the pool and swim. I'm improving my technique every class and I'm getting stronger and faster so that's all that matters. The swim meets are held in Olympic size pools, the length is 50 meters, about 164 feet. I'm going to need binoculars to see the other end!

This morning we did some medley races; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breathstroke and Freestyle. It was fun to use different techniques and the most challenging part were the turns, switching from my stomach to my back and then to stomach again. It was hard to focus on the technique knowing making the turn was so crucial but I got better by the third race.

Team Skidmore will be meeting soon to discuss fundraising and 2013 sponsorship. And I just received an email from Team USA regarding registration, travel packages and uniforms!

Hello Team USA athletes!
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a happy and healthy new year! The Team USA Department is back in full gear and working on what will be an exciting 2013 season. Congratulations to everyone who is new to Team USA and welcome back to our seasoned veterans. We look forward to a very successful year!
We are forging ahead with planning for the 2013 World Championship season and we hope many of you are too. Details are starting to come in for our 2013 World Championship events.......

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