Team Skidmore off to London!

While New England residents bid farewell to summer and prepare to welcome foliage season, residents of London, England will welcome the best triathletes from around the world for the World Triathlon Championships, including our own Meghan Skidmore of Intervale, NH.

Team Skidmore, Meghan’s dedicated group of supporters, is happy to announce that they’ve reached their fundraising goal of $9,000, which has been used to support Meg’s training, equipment and nutrition needs and will be consumed by traveling costs for London.  Meghan and the entire team have been humbled by, and are incredibly grateful for, the outpouring of support from local area businesses and private benefactors, without which, Meghan’s dream of competing at an international level, would not have been possible.

On August 22nd, Team Skidmore hosted a send off party to celebrate their fundraising accomplishment and Meghan’s summer triathlon achievements, and announced the winners of the summer long raffle.  One of the highlights of the evening was the reveal of Meghan’s official, regulation, Team USA triathlon uniform.  It was a wonderful opportunity for Meghan to extend her gratitude to everyone that has supported her on this journey, since her decision to compete last August, after placing 5th in the US National Triathlon Championships.

I made plaques and medals for Regina and Steve!

Meg’s race will not be televised, but you can follow her progress by following her blog, , where she will be posting updates as time allows.  Additionally, ITU International Triathlon Union will link directly to Meg’s Facebook page and post her splits and results race day morning, September 13. Meg’s wave begins at 8:40am (3:40am EST).  .

As she departs for London, Meghan would like to thank her title sponsors; The Mt. Washington Auto Road, Great Glen Trails, Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mt Washington Bicycle Club, The Seasons Resort, Gorham Family Dentistry, Smith & Town Printers and Red Quill Camp. Other sponsors include Gorham Hardware, White Mountain Celebrations, Jay’s Quick Lube, Moat Mountain Photography, Lydia’s Hair Salon, Top Notch Inn, Peak Health & Sports Massage, Corrigan Screen Print, Wilderness Maps, Jackson Signsmith, Gil’s Florist, Gallus and Green Realtors and the White Mountain Aquatic Center.


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