Wednesday, February 27, 2013

45 Minutes of Bliss

The day began at 4:15 am like most days and I really didn't want to get out of bed, which honestly doesn't happen that often. I had a late night the night before, didn't get home until 9pm and had a 45 min spin (bike workout on the trainer) but I'm not whining here..that will come later.

Swim class this morning at White Mountain Aquatic was tough, long, but fun. With the warm up, drill set and the main set, we swam just about a mile in a 40 foot pool! I was totally feeling it, I felt strong and efficient. We swam three double 50's to finish the workout-Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle. The class is five swimmers strong; Leah, Jess Nat, Steve and I. We are all pretty competitive so when the drills are done at a fast pace it's a race in all of our minds. So the 50's were a race, it was great! I am not so great at the Butterfly but my Breaststroke is pretty strong and I'm steadily improving on the Freestyle.

Work began at 8am. I did a photo shoot to help Ernie Mills the photographer get back to capturing Nordic skiers for an upcoming race. We found a small jump and I just had to hit it! Great shots Ernie!

Wanted to work through lunch and leave a little early to get my afternoon 45 minute run in before dark, but that didn't happen. The clock read 4:30 as I started my car. The roads were slickery and I was concerned about my safety running at dusk. I don't mind running in snow I just didn't know how drivers would react.  I arrived home at 5:15, shoveled the walk way and had to eat, I was starving! While I was making my pb & j my roommate Leah asked what my plans were for the evening. I looked at her with a scowl on my face and said "a freaking 45 min run". I was just frustrated with what time it was and I never complain about training but I sure whined about this one. Leah and I exchanged how our days went and the light was dwindling. So was my motivation.  I zoned out while in the rocking chair, bad idea to choose that seat. I debated skipping or shortening my workout but I know how guilty I'd feel if I did. It was now 6pm- dark. I suited up for the snow; layers, running gaitors, my new reflective vest and headlamp.
Love my new running gaitors! I feel fast

The second my face hit the cool air I knew I made the right decision to run. Started my watch and hopped through the deep snow at the end of the driveway. It was still snowing. There was hardly any traffic on the road! Less than 10 cars passed me giving me plenty of room. The snowflakes weren't the big fat ones you stick your tongue out for, they were the ones that sting your face when the wind blows.

On the way back I had a steady hill to climb and it felt like I was running on mashed potatoes. I was running and looking at the trees not going by. I had slowed down and was almost running in place. I giggled out loud as I mushed my way up. As I climbed the next hill to my house my watch read 41:27, I still had 4 minutes left. I could have easily turned home, but I didn't. I continued on, peeking at the warmth and the light extending from the windows of our living room. I looped back and stepped onto the porch at 45:03. Perfect!

It was perhaps the most peaceful and rewarding run I've experienced. I'm elated I didn't miss out on spending the evening outside. This will give me more motivation the next time I think about skipping a workout.

Tomorrow I will not have to be up before 5 am, that hasn't happened in more then two weeks!
Powder day! Snowboarding at Wildcat, lifts open at 9am, meeting a friend for breakfast at 8.  It will still be a long day, another 1 hour spin on the trainer with hard intervals and hockey at 7:30pm but I love powder, can't miss out on freshies!!

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