Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few weeks off, now back to the game

Wow. Can't believe that my last blog was back on May 31. I had high hopes of writing one each week but life has gotten in the way. The opening season for Great Glen and the Auto Road came fast upon us as usual and the month of June was non stop events that consumed much of my time. On top of that training and travel to a few big important races and the next thing I know July is here. Two weeks of Teen Adventure Bike Camps, throw in a holiday and August is here.

With so much going on I was so distracted and feeling a little down that I took two weeks off of training for both physical and mental reasons. My recent struggles continue on whether I want to continue triathlon at this level or take a break after this season. How to balance what I am really good at to what I really want. How to train seven days a week and fit in a social life at the same time. Regina, Steve and I sat down and came up with the training plan for the next few weeks to get me back on track and ready for the 2015 World Championships.

I know I'm ready to focus my energy to best prepare me for the World Championships. I'm getting that very excited feeling knowing that I will be racing against the best triathletes from around the world. This race definitely has a different feel than 2013 when I raced the Worlds in London. That was in an overseas foreign country, and included an amazing vacation. This is Chicago just a short two hour flight from home, but will still have that same feeling of a huge race and in my own country!  Still the field will include athletes from around the world and I need to prepare for that.

In the middle of June Steve and I traveled to Mt Tremblant, Quebec Canada. That was amazing! Such an incredible venue and strong field of competitors. It was the second elite race for me on my quest to attain my pro card. Steve and I spent a few days training and exploring. On race day there were so many athletes it was a bit nerve wracking but I held it together the best I could. My swim was a little slower than usual. 30 seconds into my ride my computer fell off my bike so I rode without any numbers to follow but I did very well and just pushed it out of my mind. The bike course was two laps on a hilly course with no flats. It was so fun but so hard. The pavement was perfect and flowed so well. On the second lap I leap frogged with the same girl a few times which always pushes me. She ended up getting a 2:00 min penalty for drafting and had to serve it as soon as she finished the bike portion. Smaller races just add on the time at the end of the race. It must have been so hard to sit there watching all the people you passed, pass you back. The run also had a few rolling hills in it. The course was marked in km not miles so that threw me of a bit. The end of the race was lined with spectators cheering like crazy and we finished right in the village on the ski area. I pushed it as hard as I could. Somehow the crowd pulls it out of you and it feels incredible!  I finished just three minutes back from where I needed to, to meet the cutoff for my pro card. That was so frustrating!

I was 35 in the swim, 7th on the bike and 8th fastest female in the run out of 210 females! I finished 7th female overall. Steve and I celebrated with dinner and went back the next day to watch the Half Ironman. I rarely get to watch a live tri so it was great to see the transitions and learn from others mistakes and see how efficient others can be. It was a beautiful place and I can't wait to go back

The next race was down in Winchendon Massachusetts for the very popular Mass State Tri. I traveled down with my friends Mark and Amber and their son Sammy in their brand new camper trailer. Our other friend "Crash" met us there the next day along with Steve and Gina who came down in the morning. The race went well but was pretty hot. With about 2 miles to go on the run my friend Megan who is an incredibly strong runner passed me and said lets go "I'm pulling you, I'm working with you". That felt awesome! I held on for a few minutes and then the gap grew.  I finished 10th female out of 200. She was on the podium in third place and my friend Stacy Sweetser took 1st place overall! The rest of the weekend was relaxed and we hung out and got ice cream followed my an easy mountain bike ride the next day. Thanks to Mark and Amber for camping and a great weekend! Also to Crash, Steve and Gina for cheering me on!

I was supposed to race in Greenfield where I finished 1st overall last year but taking some time wasn't going to put me in a good place to race so Steve and I decided to save the 6 hour drive and reg fees and do a practice race here at home. It was hard decision but the right one.

The next race is on August 30th in Old Orchard Beach Maine where I finished 3rd female and 1st in the 29 and under division last year. It's an ocean swim and another very popular race.

I'll have one more sprint race the weekend before Worlds to get me prepped.

Well I'm off for a bike to run!


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