Sunday, May 31, 2015

King Pine Tri

Wow that was a very hard win and not my fastest but despite the high temps I'm very happy with my performance!

Plus it was the debut of my brand new custom triathlon suit (designed by me!) and my new aero helmet, thanks to Pat at Stan and Dan Sports!
Thanks Mt. Washington Auto Road, Great Glen Trails, Gorham Family Dentistry, and Mt. Washington Valley Bicycling club

Thanks White Mountain Aquatic Center, Comfort Inn & Suites, Peak Health, Stan and Dan Sports, Top Notch Inn, Stabil, Skratch labs, Gorham Hardware, Jay's Quick Lube, Pollock Photo and Smith & Town Printers.

Thanks for working your bike shop mojo for this gem, Pat!

Since it was a local race I didn't have to be up at 2am and got to sleep in until 4! Because of my long and specific warm up I like to be there two hours prior to start time. Plus I build in time for the bathroom, check in, socializing and because this race was local I had a few spectators! Thank you to Chris Fleming, Kim Henry, Lauren and Brooke and Dick Pollock for taking photos and of course Steve for coaching me before and during the race. Regina could not be at the race due to work but gave me a good luck phone call!

Highlights on the swim: Steve and I had a new plan for the swim start. Instead of being off to the side I started right in the middle of the front row to allow for the best possible chance of drafting and it worked perfectly. I hung on to the lead girl, Kara Newman for as long as I could. She was very fast and was out ahead of me in no time. Two other girls passed me and I swung in right behind them but they opened a gap after a few minutes.  It took me awhile to settle into my rhythm and after they passed me I was on my own for the rest of the swim. My sighting was perfect and I even passed a few guys in the wave before me.
Swim time - 27:42  .9 mile
Transition 1 time - 1:08 (4th fastest overall)

Comparison to a few years ago: The swim was mostly about finishing and only thinking about technique but now that I am gaining confidence and speed it is becoming way more tactical. It's pretty exciting to have the mind set to think this way!

Bike: Phew 33 miles was a long ride but knowing the course made a huge difference. Steve and I rode it last week and talked tactics. I was able to visualize each section and prepare myself mentally. Although the course is described in the pre race meeting you just can't get a feel for it.
Bike time - 1:38 33 miles
Transition 2 time - :46 (fastest overall)

I strongly suggest riding, driving or at least looking at the map a few days in advance.

Comparison to a few years ago: I never previewed my courses. I just rode and followed the signs and took it as it came. Educating myself on a course turns the race into a whole new game and keeps the mind off the pain.

Run: It was hot and I've been dealing with a sore/tight left hamstring so that was a distraction. Keeping my mind on the course that I also knew ahead of time made it just a little easier to push through it. I didn't run my fastest but focusing on technique and quick turn over Steve and I practice during the week makes all the difference when your body is tired.
Run time - 46:04 6.2 miles
Total time - 2:54:30

Comparison: I used to run to put the miles behind me and not think about technique at all. Steve and I have focused every run on technique and speed over the last two seasons.  Although I am pushing hard in a race I am still mostly relaxed and thinking of all the pieces of running.

After I finished I was asked how I placed and I had no idea. At this race there are six different races at the same time. Olympic and Sprint distance: Triathlon, Duathlon (run to bike to run) and an Aquabike (swim to bike).  The results weren't being updated so I had to wait until the awards to find out that I finished 1st female!! I was surprised because it wasn't my fastest race but humbled that I did so well.

Awesome job to all who raced and pushed themselves to cross that finish line!

Congrats to Joan Daly for completing her first Duathlon faster than she expected. So proud of you and you look amazing keep up the hard work! 

Next up: Mont Tremblant June 20th Elite race #2

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