Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Training/Playing

I'm much more disciplined in training than I am in blogging about it-working on that.
Here's what's been going on since Nationals:
  • I won the last race of the season, the Pitch Pine Olympic. Coldest race I've ever done; temps in the upper 40's and no sun. Lots of support from Team Skidmore, thanks guys for braving the cold!!
  • Took 2 weeks off from structured training, of course still ran and biked and wanted to eat doughnuts!!   
  • Full day hike, started at 5am and hike 11 miles in 9 hours.
    Redlining (hiking all the trails in the White Mountains) with Lauren and Brooke.
  • Was awarded Athlete of the Week from Millennium read the short article here
  • Decided I'm going to apply for my pro/elite license, look for details on this process in a later blog.
  • Didn't win a local 5k - took 2nd by 3 seconds - very humbling and now have a training partner
  • Spent a whole weekend with my niece Cheyanne! Taught her how to ride a bike w/ no training wheels- highlight of my summer.
  • Volunteered for the White Mountain Milers 1/2 marathon with Cheyanne and got 30 verbal thank yous for our sign!

  • Finished my professional race resume to send out to bigger companies in hopes for more sponsorship with the help of Gina, Tami, Pat and Julie, and Steve-thanks so much guys!!!
I've returned to training and Steve has mixed things up by adding hikes (soon with weights), specific strength training as warm ups prior to workouts and mountain biking!

Stay tuned for the next blog, promise it won't be 2 months from now!


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