Friday, August 8, 2014

US Tri Nationals pre race

We made it to Milwaukee by 7:30 am yesterday. 

That gave us PLENTY of time to relax which is exactly what I need. Got the rental car and found an excellent coffee shop/bakery for 2nd breakfast. We left there at 9:30, check in to our hotel wasn't until 2 or 3. I planned on putting my bike together in park outside in the fresh air with lots of room to spread out vs waiting to get into the hotel. We found the perfect park w/ free parking! We are right on Michigan Lake (Yes i know its really Lake Michigan) but I keep calling that to mess with Gina she keeps correcting me :). It took me an hour to put my machine back together, Gina was impressed!

Since our alarms went off at 3:30 it was time for a nap, yup right there in the park. I was a 10 out of 10 on the relaxed scale. We went to check out the venue its right next to the Discovery Center and the Milwaukee Art Museum , gorgeous buildings. We checked into the hotel  at 1:30 and our room was ready. Thanks to Dave Power manager of the Conway Comfort Inn & Suites for helping us out on a discounted room! We walked in and it was perfect, full kitchen, a living room huge bedroom large bathroom and on the first floor. Unpacked everything into draws. I even have my own bureau in the main area for all my gear and race stuff. I got off my feet and watched tv, I haven't had time to relax and watch tv all summer. It felt weird but good plus my legs were resting. Late lunch /early dinner right next door at a steakhouse chicken sir fry and  a salad. Gina and I checked the schedule and packet pick up was from 2-6 and I had to get an easy 30 min run in. We returned to get my goodie bags. I am racing the Olympic distance on Saturday and the Sprint on Sunday so I got 2 goodie bags. 
The race numbers are tattoos and I have two different  4 digit numbers so Saturday afternoon I will have to remove my Olympic numbers and put on my Sprint ones. We walked around the expo and got a few things, new goggles as I discovered Monday the nose piece is cracked on mine, a Nationals jersey, a tiny mixed co2 and hand pump, its easy to pump a little bit of air into tube first before filing it w/ co2. If I get a flat during the race no one can assist me. We went to the finish line for photos and got yelled at for walking on the turf. I have no idea why they weren't letting us get close to the finish line. I waited until she walked away and got my photo.

Gina waited while I ran for 30. It was about 6:30 and I ran along Michigan Lake there were sail boats and many were out walking biking, skateboarding flying kites again 10 out of 10 on relaxed scale. On the way home we went food shopping got home and relaxed for the night.

Fridays schedule: pre race openers usually consist of a bike and a run piece but because I have to leave my bike in transition overnight I can't use it to warm up the morning of my races. I have to do an altered warm up today and do it again tomorrow. A run with some hard efforts w/ squat jumps and some agility work. Then my regular run warm up w/ two 2 minute hard efforts.

The bay is open for swimming at 11 after that, lunch and ride the run course on my bike then drive the bike course. Then off my feet for the rest of the day and get excited to race!!

The top 25 per age group advance to the 2015 World Championships held in Chicago. There are just over 200 in my age group 30-34 in the Olympic distance and 73 in the Sprint. In the Sprint Just 2 of us are from New England, me and a woman from Mass.

My goal is to qualify for Worlds in both races!

Coverage may be a live video from the finish and there might be a link to watch my dot go through the race. My number for the Olympic is 3302 and my Sprint number 5598. I start both races at 9:50am

My race number for the Olympic is 3302

Sun Aug 10 Sprint Coverage online:

Same, wave 15, starts at 9:50
My race number for Sprint 5598


I've be posting photos to my Facebook page as well!

Thanks to every single person that supported me I wouldn't be racing this weekend if it wasn't for you!!

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