Monday, May 26, 2014

Tri for the YMCA - Tri #3

Another two hour drive to Maine but the morning was beautiful heading into the sunrise. I felt so good and confident the whole morning, not cocky by any means but strong and confident. Packet pick up, body marking and transition area set up all went smoothly. I practiced a run through the TA and got a super good warm up in both on the bike and run. I did confused 8 volunteers, when I warmed up on the run course. They all thought I was already racing and gave me praise. Even the photographer got a few shots.

I saw a few girls that looked strong and one had a different looking seat so I asked her about it. I am not comfortable on my seat most of the time. She loved it and put her on her sit bones as apposed to leaning on the nose. It also had groove to hang on the rack in transitions. With a regular seat the nose has to hang and when taking it off you have to lift and go back to get the bike under the rack. This way you just lift and go! I researched them and they are only $224.00!!! Who wants to sponsor my butt??

During the pre race meeting the sun gave way to clouds and the temp dropped. The bike course changed again due to construction and was 2 miles shorter making it 11 miles over 2 loops. That makes it super confusing for racers and volunteers. Volunteers have no idea who is on what lap and even some athletes don’t even know. There were quite a few waves for the pool swim. The first wave started at 9am but I was in wave 6 and didn’t start until 9:45 so I had time to get my run warm up in and suppress the pre race jitters yes I still get them. The swim was just 325 yds = 13 lengths, pretty easy to count, well I lost count and pretty sure I swam an extra lap. The volunteers put an orange board in the water on your second to last length so you just swim to the other end and get out. I watched how they facilitated this and it looked pretty simple and there was no communication just a few waves of the board in the water. Well I saw the board and heard my counter yell “you’re done!” so embarrassing. As I got out there was no one left in the pool. I already suck on the swim and now I’m back an extra lap…great. I booked it out of the pool and got through T1 in 37 seconds passing 4 racers. The first 4 miles were on Rt 1 with lots of traffic and moderate headwinds so frustrating. My legs were chilly so it was hard to keep a good pace but I pushed through it. The first turn was nice; not too sharp and no sand. It’s better to sweep wide and cut in towards then end which always freeks out the volunteers, they think your going to miss the turn. I kept speed throughout and got right back up to where I was in a few seconds. That’s crucial time; entering and exiting a turn and being in the right gear. The back of the course was soooo nice and smooth and I could really open up it felt soooo good and I felt soooo strong I passed a few more racers. I started up a small hill I was about to pass an older women but she wanted none of that! She stood up to keep with up me, and did until we crested the hill. I rarely stand up, it wastes energy. I spin at a high cadence so my legs don’t get tired. We crested and I got out in front of her. Out on Rt 1 again but it was nice to know what to expect. I passed a few more people and was never passed. I tried catching some of the guys ahead of me but couldn’t. Coming into T2 I spun higher to get my legs ready to run. I do slow down just a bit but I make it up if my legs aren’t pumped from killing a big gear. Got through T2 in 32 seconds.

How timing works in Triathlon: We wear timing chips and as we go over set timing mats it reads our number clocks us in/out. There aren’t separate mats for each leg AND transitions. So when we get our of the water or pool we run a certain distance, some races farther than others and when we hit the mat it ends our swim time and starts the first transition time. As we exit transition that stops our T1 time and begins our bike time. Same coming in for the bike to run. Then it stops our time when we cross the finish. In photos the time isn’t accurate unless you are in the first wave. They adjust your time for your actually start time.

Back to the run my legs were heavier then they usually are but I had to push through it. The course trended up for the first mile with a few flat spots. Then down to a turn around spot after the aid station we turned the cornet and it went up and up and up. About a 12-15% grade I didn’t see that on the warm up. I kept my feet moving and craved the downhill. The quicker I got up the quicker I could go down. I was feeling really good and tried to pick up the pace as I got closer to the finish. About 30 yds from the finish we had nearly a 180º turn, I hate that it throws off your momentum. I ran hard to the finish and felt really good!!

Found Gina and she had a big smile she was proud as always! The sun never came out and I got chilled pretty quickly. Went inside and put layers on while drinking recovrite and elevating my legs. We looked at results and I was 2nd female so far. Wahooo. I jogged for 10 mins and returned to find I was pushed down to 3rd. Still pretty happy. I looked at the bike time for the new 1st place female. It was 8 mins faster than the top male. That is very very rare but maybe. I matched her number with her and she looked strong but looked at her swim and run time and it didn’t match up. Maybe she only did one lap?

They started awards and I was 2nd and she was not first it was a mistake. Another mix up in results. Now you can see why I NEVER trust preliminary results.

The food was awesome here and was open to spectators –that’s a first. They started age group results and I didn’t think I’d get called up again but I did for winning my AG. In most races if the age group winner places in the top three overall they roll down the age group awards so 2nd-4th are recognized. I’m torn with that policy. Regardless if I win my AG. That person worked had and deserves 1st place in AG good for them they also placed in top 3. I once was 2nd in my AG but was given a first place medal I felt funny.

After looking at the results online. Only 3 of us ran a sub 7 min per mile pace. Me and the 1st and 3rd male so I was also the only female to run sub 7 min mile pace. Super pumped with that.

I ended up chatting with Jenny, the seat girl after the race. She races with a team out of Maine and is racing the Franconia Tri on June 8th. We are hoping to pre ride that bike course together!

Overall: 5/128
Female: 2/76
Age Group: 1/9

View online results here


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