Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whats next...

I've been waiting to post until after Steve and I talked about my future. Will it include racing in Worlds next year? Will I continue to race locally and not train as much? Will Triathlon be in my life?  It's been nice not to have a structured training schedule since I've been home but I know my body is craving it.

I'm racing the last few GGT Fall Trail Running Series on Thursday afternoons. I raced last Sunday in the Sunday Sundae 5k trail race in Conway. Finished 3rd overall and 1st female in 20:43 had to push through some stomach issues and learned that I can fight mentally when my body isn't up for it. I'm considering the Conway half marathon Oct 27th. Need to do a really long run before I make that decision.

So Steve and I sat down and had a long discussion about my future in Triathlon.  The goal is to race the Sprint distance as well as the Olympic or Standard distance (.9 mile swim, 25 mile bike and 6.2 mile run) at worlds next year. Bumping up to that distance will give me more opportunities to race as an Elite or maybe the Olympics, maybe. Those are not goals this upcoming season but racing the distance will let me know if that's the direction I want to go in. As well as reserching to see if it's possible.

First I have to qualify for worlds next year. I missed that opportunity this year, Nationals were the same weekend at 24 Hours of Great Glen -the busiest weekend at work and it wasn't in the budget. They were in Milwaukee not a car ride away like Burlington.  I know I cannot afford to race as much as I did this season nor the expenses for 2014 Worlds in Edmonton Canada so I'll have to figure that part out. It's best to do that during the winter so I'm not as busy as I was this summer. I also really don't feel comfortable asking the community/friends and family for the support again. During our discussion I asked Steve if he wanted to continue to coach me he said its easy, you are dedicated and you have the drive to excel. My eyes teared up, I felt so incredible that he wants to put so much dedication towards my racing career.

The training load will be a little more than this summer. Looking at results from Worlds I swam a 1/2 mile in 15:19 and most women around my finish time swam in the 10's and 11's some 12's. I know that much time won't come off in a year but I need to get faster. The bike will work my power and cadance. Most of my races this summer averaged about 190 kilowatts. Steve would like that nunber to be around 200 or 220 while spinning at or around 100 revolutions per minute keepng my legs fresher for the run. My running as come so far this summer I'm very excted about that. We did a lot of speed drills and it showed. I ran an 18:31 with negative splits at the Tri for a Preservation in Maine my fastest 5k ever! I also ran a 5:33 at the Millen Mile a one mile race during a high school football game on a track. Most of my triathlon 5ks are averaging just over a 6 minute mile pace. Steve would like that to be closer to 5:30 ish mile pace but now for 6.2 miles not just three.

It's going to be hard work again, but I'm truly excited to learn more about my body and how to make it stronger and faster. Steve does an amazing job making every workout different and exciting in a sick way. I'll need to plan dinners better by cooking on Sunday nights for the week so I'm not stressed after every workout trying to make dinner, log workouts, shower etc. So if anyone has any ideas feel free to share

Training at this level can be lonely but I want to change that. Moving to where there is a triathlon club is one way, but I love it here and I have an amazing job.  So I'll bring the athletes to me! I'm going to choose at least one night a week for a group spin and the same for running. You don't have to be a triathete nor a super fit cyclist to join me. Spinning can be at your own pace, same with running. If anyone's interested shoot me an email.

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