Friday, August 17, 2012

Nationals are here!

Two days out and I've got a war going on in my mind. I think-I've got this I can easily place top 18! then I think what if I have not trained as hard as the other women in my age group and don't make top 18? At this point there is nothing I can do, but I have experience-I've done this a hundred times. A great friend and Olympian gave me some advice she learned from her coaches; "Do your best but separate yourself from the competition and enjoy the moment, you are racing in the Nationals Meg" I will carry that with me the entire race, thanks Sue Wemyss!

Last night Regina and Tami threw a small send off for me. Friends and co-workers came and shared dessert and wished me the best of luck saying they'll be there in spirit and will send me good vibes on race morning. It was perfect thank you both so much! Oh and I painted my nails red white and blue for good luck and watched USA defeat Japan in the Olympic gold medal women's soccer match.

This morning I do a mini tri. I will go through both transitions and get my legs ready for the quick pace of the race. Then its over to Burlington! We are staying at North Beach Campground just a few miles from the race venue-Waterfront Park. I'll check in and get my race packet which normally consists of lots of brochures, a gel, some sunscreen, coupons and my racing numbers. For Nationals the goody bag is like a prize bag to me. I watched an informational webinar the other day and my race numbers come as a sheet of stickers!! I get a racing belt that I wear running and my timing chip that I cannot loose over the next two days I'll probably just wear it the whole weekend. The most exciting item in that packet are the Tri Tats, temporary race number tattoos! I've seen them in magazines, on TV and on Olympians. I feel like a kid looking up to a my hero wanting the really cool bib they wear. It's just a tattoo, but to me its like official war paint.

Early afternoon Regina and I get picked up by Paul Giblin, the Vice President at Vermont SportsCar and Subaru Rally Team USA for a personal tour of the facility! Yes, Travis Pastrana and the current Auto Road record holder David Higgins have raced for him and I have met and spent some with both Travis and David! This will be a good distraction for a few hours and an amazing experience. 

Saturday another mini tri at North Beach then the Olympic distance Nationals. For me there is nothing better to get me more amped up than watching others race. I know their efforts, I feel their pain and see their face crossing the finish line and that's how I know this is where I belong. 
The rest of the day will be spent hydrating, relaxing and spending some time with my mom and brother. Late afternoon I have to check my bike in-it gets inspected making sure I have not motor rigged up and it meets all other specs. Then I leave her in transition overnight-that's going to be very different, but it's one less thing I'll have to worry about when I pack for race day. Home made dinner chicken and veggies all mixed up. In bed by 9pm hoping sleeps comes easy-no guarantees there, I'm racing the most important race of my life! 

Until Sunday evening......wish me luck!
It is sometimes said that with all the training, one doesn't need luck -to the heck with that. Yes, I'm ready but with good luck comes better chances I won't be faced with uncontrollable situations. So send me as much luck as you'd like!!


  1. GOOD LUUUCKKK !!!! I Can't wait to see you today meg. Your hard work ethic and unparalleled fortitude will make you a very tough opponent for anyone in Burlington that day. And don't worry about you bike,"Turbo" :) she will be fine overnight, just longing for your strong legs to take her faster then she's ever been before !
    - Semper Carpè Diem !!!

    Love you meg
    Your brother, Austin.

  2. Meg,
    Sue is 100% correct. Do your best- you have trained, you have gone through pain to get here, you have tapered in order to peak at this race, you WILL do your best.

    The trick is to get your mind to let you do your best. What is the "trick"? Be in the moment- focus on what you can control in that moment- feel the breeze on your face, count steps or revolutions or strokes, feel the sun on your body.

    Racing at the national level is 90% mental. Almost everyone on the starting line will be physically fit. What will set you apart is your mind. Control your mind, keep it in the moment, focus on the moment- not the day, not the whole race, not one leg of the race- ONLY the moment you are in, right now. If you can control your thoughts your body will do what is been trained to do.

    Yes, this is an important race, maybe the most important race of your triathlon career- SO FAR!!! There will more races, maybe even bigger races (London?). But only if you can keep your mind from getting in the way of your body. Be mentally strong, enjoy the moment and doing your best will take care of itself.

    We believe in you- believe in yourself. And above all, have fun!!!

  3. Hey Megs,
    Today is the day...I'm sure you won't read this until your race is done and you have qualified for London but I wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and we would be there if we could...we love you
    Keeping our fingers...and toes crossed for you...kisses and hugs.

    Much love, A Col & U Tim